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claywalker Ben The Bachelor, white hat, male, singer

Clay Walker has performed on  The Bachelor during an intimate one-on-one date between bachelor Ben Flajnik and the lucky lady in Park City, Utah. Love Clay Walker’s single, “Like We Never Said Goodbye”. He has sold more than 11 million albums since his debut. He had 11 No. 1 singles, as well as four platinum and two gold certified albums. What a great achievement. Besides, Clay Walker is super hot. Love the white hat he is wearing.



Kate Moss White Flower Hat Vogue Portrait

kate moss floral white hat, white hat, kate moss, floral hat, female model and celebrities

Kate Moss in Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Hat. Kate Moss can look stunning in anyway, hats or no hats. What a grand couture white hat for Kate Moss from Vogue. A fantastic fashion statement for the hottest fashion icon in recent years. Classic white and couture structure. Love the hat.


Fashion Show Wide Brim White Lady Hat

Lorenzo+Riva+Spring white outfit white hat, white hat, fashion show, white outfit, red lips

Fashion and hat go hand in hand. Hat can add instant glamour to a already elegant lady with hot red lips. The white outfit with silver skirt and silver white hat is beautiful.  Would you wear that? Maybe not, but still, this is fashion, it inspires people to dream about beautiful things and carry on with life happily. Oh, what a hat!



Audrey Hepburn White Fur Hat Portrait

Audrey Hepburn White Fur Hat Portrait, fur hat, white hat, portrait, female celebrity and movie stars, black and white portrait

White Dress White Feather Floral Hat Lady

white scarf white feather floral hat white dress lady, female celebrity and model, white, photograph, art


Red Strawberry White Wired Hat Green Leaves

royal ascot-2009 christensen-strawberries hat white wired, white hat, female celebrity and model, portrait, art, photography, hat

A very stunning hat.

Who knows strawberries are not only for eating? And the green leaves, cream on the top of a White Wired Hat!

Don’t forget that silver spoon, that’s what matters. Without it, the whole hat is meaningless.

Models Posing for Camera with White Bandara – USA


Smile. The camera is rolling…

Dots and stripes, that’s what fashion is about.

Obviously, less is more also rules…