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Beyonce Sells Her White Wedding Gown For $30,000

beyonce-wedding-dress, celebrity wedding dress, wedding dress, fashion, beyonce knowles, singer, white lace head decor

Beyonce Knowles is selling her white wedding dress. If you have the little matter of $30,000 to spare, you might fetch Beyonce’s haute couture wedding dress that the star wears in her “Best Thing I Never Had” video. You might even have the tiara she is wearing if you win the bid.



Royal Blue Feather Hat Camilla Parker Bowles

Royal+Ascot+2008 camilla parker bowles blue feather hat, blue feather hat, camilla parker bowles, royal hat, fashion, female celebrities and models

The British Royals love their hats. Here Camilla Parker Bowles is wearing a blue feather hat. Camilla is happy with the hat she is wearing and she wears matching blue coloured necklace and bracelet to compliment this blue feather hat. The big white pearl earrings are classic. A good choice, the blue looks fresh and love the feather hat.


Animal Print Headscarf Bold Necklace Model

Model Bold Black and White necklace matching black silver earrings animal print head scarf, head scarf, animal print, black and white necklace, black and silver round earrings, big earrings, fashion

Animal print headscarf and bold black and white necklace with matching black and silver earrings. What a fashion statement. The golden bangles and watch also add a bit of glam to the whole white outfit. A clean and bold fashion statement overall. The animal print headscarf stands out the most.



Vogue Polka Dot Vintage Hat Model Portrait


Polka Dot Black and White Hat Model Portrait, polka dot hat, black and white hat, portrait, vogue 1962, fashion, female, black and white portrait

The Bachelor Ben Black Cowboy Hat

the-bachelor_black and brown cowboy hats ben, black hat, cowboy hat, ben, jeans, fashion, tv show, reality tv show

Ben from The Bachelor looks so happy hand in hand with Nicki in this black cowboy hat. Nicki dressed Ben in this black cowboy hat, and she wears a matching brown cowboy hat, too. A combo of cowboy hats, and boots, jeans, the lot. Next up, Ben will meet with Nicki’s parents, ummm… testing time. Always interesting to meet the parents, and see what they say. Hope they like this black cowboy hat that Ben is wearing.


Nicole Richie Rainbow Headscarf

nicole-richie-rainbow headscarf, hat, headscarf, rainbow, female model and celebrity, fashion, nicole richie

Nicole Richie knows her hair and how to wear her hat (in this case Headscarf, really). No more bad hair days, now that we can hide our fluffy hair under a beautiful rainbow coloured headscarf. What a great idea, and what a colour headscarf. Love the colour, it actually extends into a real scarf.


Orange Coat Orange Feather Hat

ralph_lauren orange black and white feather fur hat orange coat, orange, orange coat, orange hat, feather hat, ralph lauren, fashion, model and female artist

Ralph Lauren fashion show with orange coat, orange black and white feather hat decoration, animal print hat. Orange goes very well with black and white animal pattern. Spot on the trend.