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Duck Hat Girl


Duck hat attack. Animal loves, anyone? Obviously, if you love your duck, you should give it a ride, on your head. So far, this duck hat attracts our attention over many other animal hat thanks to its beautiful long feathers and the gigantic size of this magnificent duck. If you love your hat, you might want to try a duck hat?



St. Patrick’s Day Dog With Green Hat

St. Patrick's Day Dog with A Green Hat, st. patrick's day, dog hat, green hat, cute animals, dogs

This is one cute big eyed dog with a St. Patrick’s Day dog hat. What are you staring at? Too cute, even without a hat!


Dog with A Cat Hat

dog has a cat hat1, dog hat, cat hat

Heavy snow? Must be cold out there. I have to wear my Cat Hat!

A Serious Black Cat with a batman hat? Nanjing, China

batman cat

Angela from Nanjing, China sent us this cat photo. On first look, we thought this is a white cat with black mask? But no, this is the original Batman Cat! Have a look at the real batman below, see the similarities?

the dark knight rises, diy halloween costume, halloween batman, halloween catwoman, batman in the dark knight rises